Add Clients

Add Clients and Build your Client List

If you have existing clients, start by adding them to your Client List.  Simply go to the Main Menu  and choose Add New under Client.

New Client Form:

Account Details:
Enter your client’s first and last name and contact information including email address and mobile number.

Fitness Level:
Select the fitness level from the drop down menu that best describes your client. The definition for the level appears when a level is selected.  Hello Workout helps you match your clients for duets, trios and small group workouts.

Health Status:
Select the health status from the drop down menu that best describes your client.  The definition for the level appears when a status is selected. Health status flags clients who may need modification for certain types of workouts and movements.


If your client has already purchased a package of workouts, enter the number left and type of format from the drop down list.  The Prepaid Credits will be recorded to the Account History viewable by both you and the client and can be used by your client for future workouts with you.

Send Invite:

Your client will get an email asking them to Claim their Account on Hello Workout so that they can schedule, purchase and check in or cancel workouts as needed with you.  Your schedule is their default view when they log in.


After you add your clients, you can reserve workouts for them using the Reservation form.

Building your Client List:

Add Events:

Your clients can build your Client List for you.  Simply create an Event (workout, workshop/clinic, teacher/training or adventure/retreat) and ask your clients to Schedule the event.  When your clients schedule the event, they are automatically added to your Client List.

Promote your Events:

From your Highlights page, share the event to your Facebook page. If you share the event to your Facebook page, your friends and clients can purchase the event by clicking the post.  The link takes them directly to your  Schedule.  It’s a good idea to write something at the top of the event being shared to make the post standout, add some friends to the post who may be interested and periodically write some comments to update the status of the event.

If you have questions about building your client list, please contact us at or from the Support menu once logged into Hello Workout.