Add Rates

Regular Rates

Enter your standard rates charged for your services.  These rates will be referenced when you create Events and Reservations and are published on your profile.

Click the green button to Add Membership Type, if you offer access to your services in exchange for a monthly fee.  Enter your Membership terms and rates for each type of membership offered.

Membership Options:
Click the green button to Add Membership Options.  The fee for each membership option chosen will be added to the base membership cost selected by Member Users and will display at checkout.

Membership Payment:

Date Due:
Select Start Date if you want to start the Membership on the purchase date.  Select Specific Date if all Membership payments are due on a specific day of the month.  The system will prorate the membership fee for memberships started prior to the start date. 

Prorate for Start Date:
If you select Specific Date, be sure to enter the date memberships start in the Prorate for Start Date. The date entered is used in the proration calculation and triggers future membership payments.

Termination Notice:
Enter the number of days notice required to terminate membership. Days to membership termination is calculated from the end of the current month.  The fitness partner gets more than 30 days notice if a membership is cancel mid-month.

Session Rates:
Enter session rates for workouts and other types of sessions that have a fee.  For each fee based workout and session, Select:

  • Specialty: Select the specialty that best describes the type of workout or session.  Email us at if you need a Specialty added to the list.
  • Format: Select the format for each type of workout or session offered.
  • Duration: Enter the number of minutes for each workout or session offered.
  • Member Rate: If membership is a condition of the rate, enter the rate in the Member rate field. The member rate can be different or the same as the non-member rate.
  • Non-Member Rate: If membership is not required to purchase the workout or session, enter the rate in the Non-Member Rate field.
  • Expiration Date: Enter the number of days your client has to use the session credit.

Cancelation Notice:
Enter the Cancelation Notice for each Format offered. Reminder emails are sent to clients participating in the session within 2 hours of the Cancelation Notice.

Loyalty Rewards:
Click the box if you want to reward your clients with a FREE birthday workout.  Your clients will be credited with a workout (same format as the last workout scheduled) on their birthday and receive an Email Notification of your birthday gift to them.

Save + Update:
Click Save + Update to capture the information entered and all changes subsequently made.