Add your Schedule

Reservation or Event Form

From the Main Menu, there are two options under the Create New to help you setup your schedule: Event and Reservation. Both are treated as a Scheduled Workout in the Account History.

Please be sure you have added your Bank Account before you create an event that has a participation fee (cost or donation request).


The Reservation form is used for Privates, Duets, Trios and Small Group workouts with a maximum of 5 participants. It is the fastest way to add one or more clients to a workout.

Before you create a Reservation, add the client to your Client List. If the client is already on your list, simply type in the name(s) in the first field to schedule the workout for them. 

Event Name: Name your event.  The system will remember the names for the next time you offer the same event.

Specialty: Select your Specialty from the list.  Use the specialty used to set up your Rates so that the system pulls in your Regular Rates.  The specialty entered will populate the next time you create an event.

Type of Format: Select the format of the workout.  The format last used will populate the next time you create an event.  Make sure to change it when necessary to correctly price each workout.

Instructor: Select or add the name of the instructor leading the workout. The instructor name will populate the next time you create an event.  Select or add a new instructor when necessary.

Occurrence: If you want to reserve the time for several weeks, select the radial button for the frequency (i.e. Recurs Weekly). Enter the date of the first workout in the Start Date field and the date of the last workout in the End Date field if the workout occurs more than once. 

Start time: Enter the Start Time in the Meet Time field unless you want the client(s) to show up earlier than the Start Time.

Duration: Enter the Duration of the workout.  Be sure the duration matches the duration on your Regular Rates for the format selected unless you intend to set a custom rate.

Location: Primary Location gets pulled in from your Business Details under the Settings Menu.  If you want your client to meet you somewhere other than your Primary Location, add a Custom Location.

Cost: Your Regular Rates entered under the Settings menu will be pulled in unless you select custom pricing. Custom Pricing can be used to add a custom price for each client participating in the workout if there is more than one. 

Click Save + Update: The workout will be added to your Highlights page with the clients names below.  It will also appear on your client’s Schedule on Hello Workout.


The Event form is used to add any type of event (Workout, Workshop, Teacher/Training or Adventure/Retreat) to your Schedule.  The event form can be used for any event that is OPEN for people to join.

There are only a few differences in the functionality of the form.  Specifically,

Cost: The cost of the event can be fee based (Regular Rates or Custom Rates), FREE or donation based. Clubs and gyms should click Members Only (FREE) for all workouts included in membership.

Limit: You can specify the limit to match the limit of the room, equipment, bus or something else that limits the size of your event. Click reservation required if the equipment needs to be reserved (i.e. bikes in cycling classes).

Special Offer: Click the special offer box if you want to add a discount or points to the workout. Points are captured on the Account History so that you can create rewards for loyal clients.

Additional Information: There is a second page to capture additional pictures and information about Adventure/Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Trainings.  The page appears when you click Save+Update.

OPEN Events: Events that are not full will appear in the Recommendations of your clients and other Hello Workout member users that may be interested in purchasing the event. It will also be available to all Hello Workout member users from the Search toolbar.

Status of Events:

From the Highlights page, you can quickly the see the status of all your upcoming events.

OPEN: The total number of Attendees is less than the Limit entered for the event.

FULL: The total number of Attendees is equal to the Limit entered for the event.

CLOSED: All Attendees for the event have checked in for the event.

If you have questions about adding your schedule, please contact us at or from the Support menu once logged into Hello Workout.