Display & Access (Apple Devices)

Adjust your phone and browser Settings, if you’re having problems scrolling to a button or remembering your log on credentials.

iPhone Settings:

If you adjusted your phone to display larger than the Standard setting, you will have trouble scrolling to the bottom of a window to click a button. 

To get back to the Standard settings on your iPhone, got to Settings and then Display & Brightness

  • First check the Display Zoom setting to confirm it is on Standard not Zoom.
  • Then just below the Display Zoom setting, check the Text Size.  Drag the bubble to the middle to reset the text size to the standard sized text.

Storing Credentials:

If Safari is not remembering your credentials, start by checking the credentials on your iPhone first.

  • Click on Settings and then select iCloud from the menu.  Scroll down to Keychain and make sure it says On.  If not, turn on the Keychain function. For more information about Keychain Setting.
  • Then click on Settings and select Safari from the menu. Scroll down to Passwords & Autofill and make sure Names & Passwords is On.  If not, turn on the Names & Passwords function.

If Safari still doesn’t remember your credentials after that chances are you told Safari to never remember your credentials.

To tell Safari to start remembering your credentials after you told the browser not to, you need to change that from your MAC.

From your MAC, go to Safari select Preferences and then Passwords.  Click Add at the bottom and enter:

website: www.helloworkout.com

user name: your email address

password: your strong password

If you can’t remember your strong password for Hello Workout, create a new one but clicking the forgot password link from the log on page on www.helloworkout.com.

If you have questions about access to or Hello Workout display, please contact us at www.helloworkout.com/support or from the Support menu once logged into Hello Workout or contact Apple support.