Email Notifications

There are several automated emails sent from Hello Workout to help you manage your account and your workout schedule. 

All emails from come from  If you’re not receiving them, please check your Junk email box and add the Hello Workout email address to your contacts.

All Users:

Account Activation:
All types of users get an email to activate their account whether you sign up yourself or are invited by your employer or a fitness partner.  A link to the Hello Workout Terms of Service has been added to the email.

Email Updates:
If your email address is changed you will get a notification of the change.  Please be sure to contact us at if your email address was changed without your consent. Otherwise, no action is needed.

Email Reset:
If you click the Reset Password button, you will get an email with a link to reset it.

Support Email:
If you get an error message while using Hello Workout, you will get an email as soon as the problem is fixed.  Some problems like internet connectivity are beyond our control so if you have a problem and don’t get an email from us, simply try whatever you were doing again.  If you still have a problem, shoot us an email at

Emails to Member Users (Clients and Members):

Purchased Workout:
If you purchase one or more workouts on Hello Workout, you will get an email acknowledging the purchase. The transaction is also recorded to your Account History on Hello Workout.

Scheduled Workout:
You will receive an acknowledgement each time a workout is scheduled whether by you or your fitness partner. The Scheduled Workout gets recorded to your Schedule on the Hello Workout platform so that either of you can cancel the workout or check you in. 

Workout Reminder:
You will receive a workout reminder 60 minutes prior to the Cancellation Period of the Fitness Partner for all scheduled workouts.  Check in for your workout then or cancel to avoid penalties.  You can also check in or cancel from your Schedule on Hello Workout.

Expiration Notice:
If you purchase a package of workouts from one of the Fitness Partners on the Hello Workout platform, you will get an email 14 days prior to the expiration date.  You can find the Expiration Date of your packages on your Account History.

Schedule Changes:
If a Fitness Partner cancels a Scheduled Workout, you will receive an email notification. If the Scheduled Workout is a paid workout, you will receive a credit for the cancelled workout so that you can schedule another workout with the Fitness Partner.

At the end of each week, you’ll get a summary of the minutes you spent by Type of Workout.  Your Accomplishments get updated with each completed workout.  The detail and running total is available to you on Hello Workout.

If you have nothing scheduled or we discover something you might like, you’ll get an email with a few Recommendations. Recommendations are always available to you by logging into Hello Workout. Update your Preferences and Fitness Profile or do a search if you need to change things up a bit.

Birthday Surprise:
Don’t be surprised if you get an email with a FREE workout on your birthday from your fitness partner(s). You definitely don’t want to miss that one but in case you do, the credit will be applied in your Account History.

Prospective Member:
If you schedule a workout with a fitness partner offering a free trial period, you will get an email with the details needed to get your pass. The trial period starts the day of your first scheduled workout.

If you participated in a trial, you will get an email at the end of your trial period asking about membership.  Click the Start your Membership button at the bottom of the page to start your membership.  You’ll also get a message on your Recommendations page on Hello Workout.

Emails to Fitness Partners:

Building your Business:
One of the first emails you’ll get is a list of 10 steps to help you start using the Hello Workout platform to build your business.  The list is also available from the Support menu.

Scheduled Workout:
You will be copied on all emails to your clients with the details of their workout which includes a calendar download.  You can save the details to your personal calendar from the email or from the Highlights menu on Hello Workout.

Client Cancelled:
If a client cancels their workout, you will get an email with the member name and the details of the workout cancelled. You don’t have to do anything.  The status of the event will change to OPEN and other clients will be able to schedule that event.

Prospective Member:
For those offering a trial period for memberships, you will get an email with the prospect name, company name (if a corporate member) and the details of their first scheduled workout. The information for the prospective member will also appear on your Prospect List on the Hello Workout platform.

New Member:
When a Prospective Member decides to activate their membership, you will get another email with their name, company name (if a corporate member) and their start date.  The information for the new member will be added to your Membership List on the Hello Workout platform.

We really try to keep emails to a minimum while keeping everyone on the same page. Additional email notifications may be added if necessary.  If it ever becomes too much for you, shoot us an email at and let us know.