Cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age and it’s one of the best outdoor activities for burning calories.

There is something exhilarating about feeling the wind in your hair as you head out on a ride. No matter what your age, the sense of adventure and freedom will inspire you to ride farther, longer and harder than any cycling instructor can ever push you. 

Ignite your Joy for Cycling Passion ignites passion: There are so many cool bike shops and clubs sprouting up to support the cycling community.  Most are owned and operated by people who love the sport and who love to share stories, rides and advise.  If there is a lounge, hang out and watch televised races and get to know the other riders in your community.

http://IUGALS.COM/95743-buy-prevacid.html depict Go for a Ride: Whether you venture out alone or with a group there is always someone to ride with and support you if something goes wrong. So don’t let the thought of getting lost or a flat deter you from riding. Enjoy the Experience: Make your first ride about the experience. You’re in control so decide whether you want a challenge, a social ride or a ride that gives you time to get familiar with your bike. Do whatever type of ride that will leave you wanting more.

Benefits of Joining a Group Ride Organized: Navigating bridges, paths, traffic and crossings can be challenging especially if you’re new to riding or the area. Having someone lead the ride gives you the chance to focus on your technique, breathing or whatever you need to do to become a better rider.

buy trazodone Coaching: Whoever plans and leads the ride will also tell you the best times to rest, hydrate and fuel up so that you have the energy and stamina to go the distance. You might not feel the need to rest, hydrate or refuel, but by the time you feel the need – it’s often too late. So best advice is to follow their advice.

Support: Most organized rides also have an experienced cyclist at the back of the pack to ensure no one gets left behind. It feels good to know someone has your back especially when you’re new to the sport, the ride or the area.

Options: Many organized rides are 40-50 miles long and may include hills that makes it even more challenging. If you’re not up for that kind of challenge, ask about whether there is a shorter option. Bike shops that serve a mixed clientele will often offer more than one ride.   

If you’re just starting out, invest in good basics (bike, helmet and cycling shorts) and buy more gear over time.

Happy Riding!