If you’re new to riding, a commuter or even a pro, you’ll appreciate these tips for maintaining your bike and other gear.

If you’ve been following some of our posts than you likely know that we’ve been riding regularly this summer.  We’ve learned a few things about maintaining our bikes and gear that are worth sharing with you.

Inflate your Tires: Don’t be fooled by touch. Most people ride with their tires inflated to 100 PSI but most tubes only hold 80 PSI. So be sure to add air each time you ride or it will feel like you’re riding a cadillac rather than a race car.

Keep your Chain Oiled:  The rule for oiling your chain is similar to changing the oil in your car. The more you ride, the more it needs to be oiled. If you ride everyday, oil your chain once a week. If you ride once a week, oil your chain once a month. Oiling the chain every 4-5 rides will ensure you have a smooth ride.

Check your Spare Tube: Getting a flat once is a drag but getting a second flat can be a real bummer especially if you and the others you ride with don’t have an extra tube that fits your tire. If you’ve been carrying the same tube in your repair kit for a while check it for cracks and wear marks. Rubber breaks down over time.

Periodically Replace your Shorts:  Needless to say, all shorts and tights that get worn and washed regularly get thin. If you go commando under your bike shorts, be sure to replace them periodically so that you don’t give the riders behind you an eye full. Let’s just say we’ve seen more than underpants on our rides this summer.

And because it’s that time of year, we can’t help but share a few gift ideas for riders on your holiday list.  We’ve included links to some of our favorites.

– Upgrade their tool kit or treat them to a workshop that will give them more confidence on the road.

– Give them a gift card for their bike shop to help with bike maintenance, upgrades or a new bike.

– Refresh their essentials: shorts/tights, tees, jerseys, gloves and water bottles. Basically anything that gets grungy with time.

– Book an adventure vacation near or far and share an experience of a lifetime.