Some of the heath issues and symptoms that can zap your sex life without you even knowing it and what you can do about it.

In recognition of Men’s Health month we decided to talk about some of the heath issues and related symptoms that can zap your sex life without you even knowing it and what you can do about it.

No one likes hurting the feelings of others especially those of someone they love.  That’s what makes these health issues hard for couples to talk about especially if they haven’t tied the marital knot. We wanted to raise them because the embarrassing symptoms of these issues can be treated fairly easily with the help of a dentist and/or family physician. 

Chronic Bad Breath: We’re not talking about morning breath but rather the paint peeling kind that smells like sulfur or worse.  It is reportedly caused by a build up of bacteria but the reason for the bacterial buildup is not as clear.  The consensus in terms of treatment is to start with your dentist and rule out any oral issues.  If it continues, see your family physician to get the issue resolved.  Fresh breath makes your mouth inviting to kiss and kissing not only burns calories but sets the mood for other things.

Teeth Grinding: Feeling too tired for a roll in the hay, sleep bruxism might be the reason.  Grinding your teeth disrupts your sleep and could even be disrupting the sleep of your significant other.  Many people are not aware they do it or for whatever their reason, not ready to admit they do it.  Ask your dentist whether you have cracks or other erosion indicative of grinding if you have no other symptoms like waking up with a headache or sore jaw.  A simple night guard could give you the energy to get your groove back and with so many options, buying a mouth guard now won’t break your bank.

Body Odor: Everyone has a scent but sometimes our scent is not so great. Sweat under your arms and from your groin mixed with the bacteria naturally found on your skin in those areas causes an odor. If your scent is off, it could have something to do with a change in the amount you are sweating. There are a lot of reasons why your body might be sweating more or less and some are cause for concern. If you can’t explain it in terms of stress, anxiety or changes in exercise habits, consult your family physician. A nice smell is an important to maintaining the chemistry in your relationship.

Erectile Dysfunction: It happens but if it happens regularly, there could be a bigger problem. The best advice to men is to get checked out by your family practice physician or urologist.  It could be a result of a bigger health problem like heart disease, diabetes or something else that needs to be treated to keep you healthy and active. Diet and exercise modifications that may be prescribed as part of the treatment are a plus because there is no downside to lean muscle. 

Ask your doctor how you smell during your next appointment or annual physical. They may wonder why you’re asking but if there is a problem, it will help start the discussion about health issues they can help you address and the symptoms that can be easily resolved.