The story of why Hello Workout was started, an acknowledgement of the people who inspired and contributed to the initial development and how it can help you.

I met with several trainers to show them a very simple prototype of Hello Workout and one of them asked me why I was undertaking this initiative.  I’d like to start our conversation with the answer to why.

Hello Workout combines something that I love with something that I wanted to learn.  I am a fitness enthusiast for lack of better description which I attribute largely to my parents for having made sports apart of my life at a very early age and for setting the example.  To this day, they still inspire me to try new sports and to make sport a cornerstone of my social life as they have.

Hello Workout started as my personal project and is growing into something more. Our first initiative will make it easier to select trainers and workouts right for you, connect with other people who share your interests and help you take your next step to living a healthier life.

So now you understand my reason for starting the project but let me share why I think it is important and valuable to you.  Everyone has a next step to improve their health and while there are similar steps that we should all be taking there are also ones that are unique to you.  We hope to get you off on the right foot with Hello Workout so that you learn the correct form, prevent injury and feel confident trying something new.

Hello Workout has been a fun project for me. I hope some of our messaging resonates with you and that our tiles make you smile.  Picking images and creating messaging that would resonate and motive a broad audience was challenging because there are so many ways to workout and so many body types.  The only way that we could cover all the basis was to speak the lessor known reasons for working out to help answer your “Why?”  and added a little eye candy to get your attention.  I would love your feedback whether you click a like a button or email us directly through the contact page.

I would like to acknowledge some of the trainers who inspired and contributed to this project namely John Ferguson, Alex Ho, Joselle Gacusan, Deirdre Hughes and many others who spoke with me more informally.  I’d also like to acknowledge my sister, Janet Smith who came up with the name and for being a sounding board during the creative process.

Thank you for joining us on our journey of launching Hello Workout.  We look forward to supporting you in taking your next step.

Shannon Smith