Interested in playing tennis? Pamela and Lauren talk Tennis and their Team Experience communicate When did you start playing tennis?

Pamela: I started playing as a child and picked it up again in my 30’s because the guy that I liked at the time played. What can I say, he was pretty cute.

Lauren: My story is similar in that I played a little as a kid and then picked it up again as an adult because I wanted to do something social.

lead buy nexium How did you learn to play?

Pamela: I took lessons as a kid and then took more lessons when I started playing again. Now I like doing 1/2 hour weekly lessons to work on different things.  An hour is too much for me.

Lauren: I’ve taken lessons on and off but playing has been a bigger part of my learning.

diamox tablet price delegate Why did you start playing tennis?

Pamela: The guy was a big part of the reason.

Lauren: My mother made me play as a kid.  I wasn’t really keen on it then but now I am really glad she made me play. Tennis is something that I really enjoy doing as an adult.

cost of clomid without insurance еxpand How did the two of you meet?  Was it on the court?

Pamela and Lauren: We met on the court when we started playing on the team.  We’ve been friends ever since.

When did you team form?

Pamela and Lauren: We’re not really sure.  The team already existed when we joined and we just carried on. The tennis community really helps to keeps the teams active.

Lauren: Joining Hello Workout is a good way to connect with others interested in playing.

What is the best part of playing on a tennis team?

Pamela: It’s a great way to meet more people who like to have fun and it’s fun to play. 

Lauren: The friendships are the best part for me.

How has your relationship evolved since you started playing tennis together?

Pamela: We’ve become great friends over the last few years.  In addition to doing some trips and tennis camps together, she dog sits when I’m in a pinch and gives my dog great gifts. My dog loves her too!

Lauren: Our friendship extends off the court and we have become close friends. Although we both enjoy tennis we also like to do non-tennis activities around the bay like wine tasting, watching sports, and we’re always up for a lazy day at the club hanging around the pool. focus Interested in playing tennis and/or joining a team? Sign up for Hello Workout, find a club and connect with others interested in playing.  It’s FREE to Sign Up!