What is the value of one [1] new client or one [1] hour of your time?

The initial idea for Hello Workout came from a trainer who was experiencing peaks and valleys in his business. Our initial goal was simply to help keep his schedule full with clients who are a good match.

What does a good match mean?

A good match takes into consideration several variables such as the style of training you offer, your personal style, types of sessions you offer [private, duet, trio, small group and classes], location etc. You want are new clients who want what you offer and who can afford your services. Having a good match makes it easy for you to keep the client engaged so that you can help them achieve their desired results.

Today Hello Workout also has the functionality you need most to take care of your day-to-day business [Scheduling, Payment, Account Management and Client Management] so that you can focus on giving your clients a great workout and experience.

Features our parters love and rely on to run their business:

  1. Messaging: Hello Workout keeps your clients engaged by prompting them to buy more sessions when their balance is low.
  2. Real Time Status: Hello Workout gives you real time status updates of each appointment as clients check in or cancel their sessions.
  3. Payment: Hello Workout safely stores your client’s credit card information so that it’s easy for them to make purchases.
  4. Account Management: Hello Workout keeps track of the administrative details [session count, expiration dates, cancelation policy] for you.

Creating your profile

Setting up your professional profile, schedule and rates is incredibly easy. You can link your profile to your existing web-site or use it place of a full web-site.No special code required.

Get Inspired! You can see how Justin at RebalancedSF is using it to manage his business.

The marketplace and marketing support

Employers don’t want a single club offering because their employees want choice. That’s why we created a marketplace on the Hello Workout platform.

The Hello Workout marketplace is different than other marketplaces.

  1. Hello Workout offers technology to fitness partners which includes: Scheduling, Payment Processing, Client Management and Messaging etc. MindBody charges $100/mo. We charge $25/mo.
  2. Hello Workout enables you to maintain control over their pricing. We give you ways to run special offers and package services.
  3. Hello Workout has a weekly email with different topics that is well read by subscribers. We use it as general health + wellness education but also to highlight different partners and offers.

Lead generation and everything else we do takes a lot of work. When we asked our early adopters what they wanted, flat monthly fee or a % of each transaction, they wanted a flat monthly fee.

We set the fee at a very affordable rate in consideration of the technology market so that everyone could participate. That’s how we support our fitness partners.

Sign Up FREE!

There is so much more to the platform. That’s why we give you 14 days free to test it out. No credit card required. After that it’s such a deal at only $25/mo. Ask yourself:

  • What’s the value of one new client? If the value is more than $25/mo than it’s worth it.
  • What is the value of one [1] hour of your time? It’s probably the cost of a full year on Hello Workout.

Questions or concerns: Shoot us an email from the form below.