Disasters can bring out the best of humanity.

Scrolling through our twitter feed earlier today, we discovered so many clips of people helping people, family pets and the wildlife effected by the California fires. It made our hearts feel warm and fuzzy.

So what better way to start the holiday season than by sharing a few clips and recognizing those helping others survive and thrive in the face of disaster. We’ve included some tips if you’re interested in helping too.

Chefs for California

Video: Chef Jose Andres gives us a peak into the Camp Fire volunteer kitchen where they are preparing thousands of meals every day to help victims. Today they surpassed 50,000 meals served.

Other chefs and restaurants are pitching in too. You can help simply by eating at one of the many Bay Area restaurants donating to wildfire relief efforts. Talk about a win-win. 

Firemen rescuing family pets

Video: This thankful cat will hopefully will be getting a new home this holiday season one way or another.

The Humane Society of Venture County and the Butte Humane Society are working to evacuate and provide temporary shelter for family pets effected by the wildfires. Donations are appreciated.

If you can foster or adopt a pet or two, reach out to the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Animal Services or Pets in Need. It’s something to consider carefully. Pets are not only a great source of love and companionship, they help build communities. However, they also require care and attention. Make sure you’re ready for the commitment before you adopt.

Locals helping the wildlife

Video: A hungry deer gets a treat from a shop owner and returns with a few friends for more.

So cute but it also highlights one of the challenges of helping wild animals. According to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, wild animals have innate survival skills. Giving them food and water may have a detrimental effect if they become dependent on humans.

Call the experts at Fish & Wildlife if you see an animal in distress and donate to the California Wildlife Center to ensure the wild animals get the help they need to survive and flourish. When they flourish, you flourish too!

Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. ~Dalai Lama